Lentil Tacos

Did you know that lentils are an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein while staying very low in fat with no saturated fats. This recipe uses green lentils to replace ground meat for some very tasty tacos.

Green Curry Paste

This paste is the basis for making a moderately spicy green curry. It is super easy to whip up in a blender and tastes much better than store bought. It will last 2 weeks if refrigerated. See my Thai Green Curry recipe for how to use this paste.

Pepperoni Primavera

Pasta primavera is one of my favorite dishes because it is an easy way of combing lots of different vegetables in the same dish. You can easily make this dish for a crowd, or for just two. Plus it is customizable, by changing only one ingredient you can make it either gluten free (with gluten free pasta), vegetarian (leave out the pepperoni), or dairy free (leave out the cheese).
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