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Plate with two waffle hearts and strawberryHi, I am Anne Beaubien and Waffle Hearts is my personal food blog. Your first question is probably something like, “What are waffle hearts?”...Well the answer is they are the pieces of a Norwegian waffle. Norwegian waffles are made of 5 hearts linked together by the bottom tip. Now you are no doubt asking yourself, “Why waffle hearts?”...The answer to that is easy. I am an American in love with a Norwegian. My husband (and taste tester) is from Norway. He is a real meat and potatoes kind of guy (or maybe I should say pølse med lompe kind of guy) so he is a pretty tough critic of my healthy recipes. They have to be tasty enough to get past him before I will put them on the website so hopefully they will pass your taste test as well :)

About the blog

Waffle Hearts focuses on low calorie, low fat meals that have an abundance of whole grains and vegetables. I use a variety of veggies in my cooking and I encourage the use of organic, seasonal and locally-grown produce as much as possible. 

All of the recipes on Waffle Hearts are tested multiple times by me and often by friends and family. I do all of the photography as well so bear with me as my skills *hopefully* improve and as I try to find my “style”. 

The “How To” section is full of posts that are more like a formula than a recipe. There you will find information on basic cooking techniques like “How to make mashed potatoes”, and “How to cook lentils”. I recognize that there are a lot of people that are new to cooking and need a little more instruction than others. Personally, I was making mashed potatoes from a box until I was 23 years old, but I am proud to say that once I learned how to make mashed potatoes from actual potatoes I have never gone back to the box.

Another important aspect of the website is the search feature. You can search for recipes by title, ingredient, special dietary restriction, course, culture, or special equipement. Waffle Hearts specializes in special diets. Please have a look at the special diet definitions to answer any questions you may have about what they mean.

AnneAbout me

I am a healthy eating enthusiast and a self-taught home cook. I like to experiment with food. Sometimes those experiments work out and make it on the website...and sometimes they don’t. I spend all of my time thinking about food, grocery shopping, cooking, photographing my creations, and of course - eating. I think it is safe to say that I am addicted to food.

My background and education is in Archaeology. I have a B.A. in Anthropology and a M.A. in Maritime Archaeology. I spent 6 years excavating throughout Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. Now I live in Silicon Valley with my wonderful Norwegian husband and I cook full time. 


Recipe inspiration

I do not post other peoples recipes. All of the recipes on this website are either completely original or are inspired by something I have seen elsewhere and adapted. If the recipe is inspired by or adapted from another recipe I will mention that in the description and if possible I will link to the original or let you know where to find it. 

I find inspiration everywhere. Some of my recipes are inspired by recent meals at restaurants, recipes I have seen in magazines or books, and even sometimes by dishes I have seen on television. (Once I even tried to recreate a dish from a cartoon!) What I do is attempt to make these recipes healthier by removing high-calorie ingredients and replacing them with lower-calorie alternatives, usually this means I add extra veggies and reduce meat and dairy portions. 


Comments Policy

I welcome constructive and positive comments on my website. I want to hear from you so please leave a comment if you are inspired to do so. However, swear words are not acceptable and if your comments are not constructive and respectful they will not be posted. Please keep comments relevant to the topic at hand.


Happy Cooking!


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