Garlic Lemon Quinoa with Artichokes and Asparagus

Here is another great summer salad that you can make ahead and chill until you are ready to eat it.

Strawberry Saft

A favorite drink of Norwegian kids (and kids at heart).

Chicken Apple Quinoa with Toasted Almonds and Coconut

Make ahead or eat right away. Summer is a great time for salads and this quinoa salad is packed with tasty, healthy ingredients and protein.

Lemon Herb Ravioli

Break free from the ravioli-with-red-sauce routine with this light, fresh lemon herb sauce.

Miso Egg Butter

Finnish egg butter with a little miso mixed in. A simple and satisfying snack.

Kristyn’s Artichoke Frittata

Bold asparagus and artichoke flavor mingle with savory parmesan cheese in this tempting egg dish.…just try not to eat it all by yourself.

Beef with Broccoli…and Carrots, Zucchini and Peas

Do you like recipes that use up left-overs and cook quickly? Then this is the recipe for you.

Pea and Poultry Soup

This flighty cousin of split pea and ham soup is loaded with veggies and works great with left-over poultry.

Garlic - Ginger Pumpkin Soup

A fall inspired soup with a delightfully powerful garlic-ginger kick!

Super Cacao Brownies

Cacao vs cocoa - despite what you’ve been told, it’s not the same thing.

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